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Yucatan Cuisine

The traditional Yucatecan cuisine is basically derived from the Hispanic culture and the mayan culture. The taste that characterizes it depends on the combination of recipes and ingredients that give it its origin. Its typical taste is recognized by the predominance of the seasonings used in the season. Corn, like all Mesoamerica, is also an essential component of Yucatecan food, and consumed abundantly.

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A glimse of our menu...


Lime soup

Brest chicken consomme with lime juice. Comes with tortilla chips and sauces

Corn cream

With Bachamel sauce, early roasted corns

Fetuchini Alfredo

Impasto al dente with cream, ham and bacon

Salbutes of filled cheese

Corn tortilla with turkey meat and seasoning


Sausage stuffed with wood oven smoked beef and pork meat. Served grilled accompanied by sour oranges, red roasted
onionsand fried beans

Sikil Pack

Sikilpak it’s a sauce made of roasted pumpkin seeds, mixed with epazote, onions, water, cilantro and salt, fried tomato sauce and habanero chile


Mix salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes and olives with lime vinaigrette

Cesar salad

Lettuce salad with chicken breast, cheese and dressing


Pibil Chicken of the House

Marinated chicken breast stuffed and grilled, accompanied by traditional xec (local fruits) and tamarind sauce

Filled chiles with chicken

Long chiles filled with chicken, covered with a black spicy sauce

Chicken breast with lime sauce

Marinated chicken breast grilled, accompanied by a lime sauce, steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes

Yucateca chicken breast

Marinated chicken fillet in red spice, served with white rice and beans

Chicken in flower way

Chicken leg marinated in spices and fried. With a delicious BBQ sauce, sliced potatoes and guacamole

Red meat

Meatloaf of the House

Roll of minced meat, spices and cooked in a water bath, accompanied by house salad

Filled cheese

Sweet combination of minced meat with “ball” cheese and Kool (white sauce)

Breaded pork

Cut pork tenderloin marinated with spices and bitter orange, bread coated and fried to serve

Molcajete ribbs

Fried pork chop, fried with roasted peppers and tomatoes for the exact touch of the chef


Green octopus

Delicious octopus cooked with spices and served with sauce and cambray onions

Shrim ceviche

Shrimp marinated in lemon juice, dressed with chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and salt. Served with habanero

Shrim cocktail

Cooked shrimp marinated with lemon juice seasoned with ketchup and spices


Flan of the House

Sweet candy of egg, milk, sugar and water, cooked in a water bath

Ice cram

Delicious dessert, in various flavors

Papaya candy

Typical dessert of the Maya land, made with papaya, sugar, water and cinnamon

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