Located in the community of Chocholá only 20 minutes from the city of Merida on the road that connects the city of Mexico, the Cenote San Ignacio shows itself to the world emerging from a past of glory and Maya splendor. The Cenote San Ignacio remains untouched by the time, as millions of years ago, keeping its beauty magic and ancestral atmosphere. Meet the best area of the Yucatan, live with the descendants of the Mayan princes and visit places such as the unspoiled Calchtok caves and the ruins of the archaeological site of Oxkintok that are 25 minutes and the Mayan city of Uxmal 50 minutes from there..

Swim into Cenote San Ignacio and enjoy the calm of its crystalline turquoise waters... It is 7 meters deep at the deepest part and 1.4 meters at the highest part. Its dome or vault make of Cenote San Ignacio a natural jacuzzi. Here you can dive at night even.
Our restaurante is for 170 persons and a menu of more than 30 differents dishes from the local gastronomy. Visit our didactic farm, where a guide will explain the diversity of flora and fauna. More than 30 meters long and feed the lambs. Meet "Pibil" our mascot, a unique pork kind of Yucatan... Pibil is mud-proof.

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